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Heard 'Em Say

Testo Heard 'Em Say

(Mr. West)

Uh, Yeah, Uh, yeah, uh, yeah, uh, yeah

And I heard ‘em say, nothin‘ ever promised tomorrow today
From the Chi, like Tim its the Hard-a-way
So this is in the name of love, like a rob would say
Before you ask me to get a job today, can I at least get a raise on a minimum wage?
And I know the Government administered AIDS
So I guess we just pray like the minister say
Allah O‘Akbar and throw ‘em some hot cars
Things we see on the screen are not ours
But these niggas from the hood so these dreams not far
Where I‘m from, the dope boys is the rock stars
But they can‘t cop cars without seein‘ cop cars
I guess they want us all behind bars
I know it

Uh, And I heard ‘em say, nothin‘ ever promised tomorrow today
And I heard ‘em say, nothin‘ ever promised tomorrow today
(Nothing‘s ever promised tomorrow today)
But we‘ll find a way
(And nothing lasts forever but be honest babe, it hurts but it may be the only way)

They say people in your life are seasons
And anything that happen is for a reason
And niggas guns a clappin‘ and keep to squeezin‘
And Gran (Grandma) keep prayin‘ and keep believin‘
And Jesus, one day that ya see him
Till they walk in his footsteps and try to be him
The devil is alive I feel him breathin‘
Claimin‘ money is the key so keep on dreamin‘
And put those lottery tickets just to tease us
My aunt Pam can‘t put those cigarettes down
Now my ‘lil cousin smokin‘ those cigarettes now
His job trying to claim that he too nigger-ish now
Is it ‘cause his skin blacker than licorice now?
I can‘t figure it out
I‘m stickin‘ around


Cause every worthless word we swore we got more far away,
And nothing‘s ever promised tomorrow today,
And nothing lasts forever but be honest babe,
It hurts but it may be the only way

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