Justin Bieber Feat Chris Brown - Ladies Love Me

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Ladies love me
I‘m on my Cool J


My bad, I‘m sorry
I‘m double parked
Yah that‘s my Bugatti
And that‘s my Ferrari next to my Ducati
Call my old school Big Bertha that I be got it
Boy I get exotic
My car need a pilot
Get free drinks to party
Your nigg* need his wallet
No limit to what I‘m spending so you know she‘s about bout it
And who in the hell is smoking in here cuz it‘s super cloudy
Goons with me dressed like skaters
Getting bruised kidneys
Stretch you later
Man my house so big
To the escalator to the elevator
Take the elevator to the private jet
Then that jet nigg** see you later

Ladies love me
I‘m on my Cool J
Yellow model chick
Yellow bottle sippin‘
Ladies love me
I‘m on my Cool J
Yellow Lamborghini
Yellow top missin‘


Shawty Mane
I‘m back
Baby I‘m your docter
I could be your rocker
Swaggin‘ I‘m not braggin‘
But I swear that I could rock yah
Baby I‘m not crazy
I got sway like Patrick Swayze
You know them haters never phase me
That‘s not how my momma raise me
I‘m incredible
This is inedible
Killing this track is inevitable
I am hetero
Baby you better know JB is generally JB
Simply ‘/‘Look at me now‘/‘
I said look at me
Swagging with the crooked teeth
Body slammin‘ the beat from DB
Call me Booker T
I said whoa there
Whoa there baby you just need to stop
I‘m busy out performing and I‘m going to the top
I got so much to lose so I‘m steady getting wop(?)
While them haters go down and we just get to watch
Amazing I‘m blazing
Look over here sure that I‘m amazing
Nobody face what I‘m facing
Set a pace so I can race without pacing
Lace my shoes up, start racing
You can change it without faisting, I mean fasting
Start blasting
Call Lauryn Hill Doo-Wop that thing
Swagger jackin‘ is not what I do
JB is a man yah it is true
He‘s a beast when he steps up in the booth
I just slammed it, I did too
I‘m a gentleman
I‘m not on my element
But I‘m still a elegant
I‘m full of adrenaline
You know what that means
Louis V high-tops with the skinny jeans

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