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Jaguar And Thunderbird

Testo Jaguar And Thunderbird

Slow down, little JaguarKeep cool, little Thunderbird FordTen miles stretch on an Indiana roadT‘was a sky blue Jaguar and a Thunderbird FordJaguar setting on ninety nineTryin‘ to beat the Bird to the county lineJust a half-a-mile from LudenvilleThere had a speed sign sitting at the top of the hillIt said : 35 miles, and stay in lineBut the Jaguar and Thunderbird never read the signSlow down, little JaguarKeep cool, little Thunderbird FordLudenville was a real small townHad a hundred and twoAnd nine acres of groundSome stool pigeon but the sheriff wiseTold him: Park down in LudenvilleAnd catch ‘em guysSheriff laid down, half hid in the weedsParked for eight days, didn‘t nobody speedAll of a sudden, dust rose on the roadSaid: Here come the Jaguar and Thunderbird FordSlow down, little JaguarKeep cool, little Thunderbird FordSheriff doubled clutched, sink and put it in thirdTook right after the Jaguar and ThunderbirdHe knew he‘d get a bonus and a big fat fineIf he caught ‘em ‘fore they crossed that lineSheriff never drove his car a hundred and flatBut if he aimed to get ‘emHe‘d have to do more than thatCrest of the hill, is about a mile behindThere wasn‘t but two more miles to the county lineSlow down, little JaguarKeep cool, little Thunderbird FordOld Sheiff was countin‘ on the downward gradeWith the tall wind pushin‘, he had it madeThunderbird saw the Jaguar gainin‘ speedAnd waved Goodbye, Jaguar and pulled in the leadJaguar said: You ain‘t won the race yetAnd pulled back around the Bird like a sabre jetSheriff‘s front bumper was a yard behindWhen the T-Bird, Jaguar crossed the lineSlow down, little JaguarKeep cool, little Thunderbird Ford

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