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Pass Away

Testo Pass Away

(Recitation)Once in Persia reigned a king who upon his royal ring carved these words so true and wiseWhich when held before his eyes gave him counsel at a glance of his life of changing chanceSolemn words and these are they: Even this shall pass awayTrains of camels through the sand brought him gems from SamarkandFleets of galleys through the sea brought him pearls to match with theeBut he counted not his gain nor his treasure, mine or mainWhat is wealth?, the king would say, Even this shall pass awayIn the revel of his court, at the zenith of his sportWhen the palms of all his guests burned with clapping at his zestHe among his figs and wine would cry, Oh, loving friends of minePleasures may come, but they cannot stay, like even this shall pass away?The most beautiful woman ever seen was the bride he chose his queenPillowed on their royal bed, whispering to her soul he said:Though a bridegroom never pressed dearer bosom to his chestBut mortal flesh must come to clay and even these shall pass awayTowering over the village square, thirty meters in the airRose his statue, carved in stone, as the king stood there aloneGazing at his sculptured name, said to himself, So what is fame?Fame, it‘s but slow decay, even this shall pass awayFighting furiously on a battlefield, once a javelin pierced his shieldSoldiers with a loud lament bore him bleeding to his tentGroaning from his tortured side, Pain is hard to bear, he criedOh, but with patience day by day, even this shall pass awaySick and sore with cancer; weak and tired and old, just minutes yet to go to pass the gates o‘ goldSpake he with his dying breath, Life is done, so what is death?Then in answer to the king fell a sunbeam on his ringReflecting words he failed to say: Even this shall pass away

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