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Talking About My Buddy

Testo Talking About My Buddy

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------My friend finally made a record and took to the road and played guitarHe met this girl from Pennsylvania stuck by his side in love and warFearful and fussy, but so faithful, poor and devoted, real and trueShe‘s not the type to be forsaken and I see much of her in youWhile on a gig up in Toronto during a pause between his showHe met this foxy German stallion who understood him head to toeShe played it smart and learned his weakness and made him confess and yield intoHer lustful whims became his fancy and I would fear the same from youThen in the swank suburbs of Houston off in a mansion built of stoneEscorted by this wealthy widow into her lounge and left aloneHer maid announced that she was waiting for him to come and rendezvousWhere he bestowed a long relation one like I hope to have with youThen on the sands right off the ocean just as the sun sank in the seaSo did my buddy slow and easy into a freak of fancy-freeIt was a group in automation getting together two by twoWhere people live and love one another, people who live like me and youThen on the beach in warm Miami there was a teacher far from schoolTaught him the way to please a woman, made him concede the Golden RuleHe learned to do it unto others as he used to just have them doSo they began to come together as I will try to do with youAnd there was one who was a virgin, never been touched by anyoneShe was as pure as any angel, in fact she‘s called to be a nunBut it was all because my buddy just couldn‘t spoil a girl so trueAnd so he left her as he found her, like I may have to do with youThe girl he‘s got now, he‘s never left her, she was the first I thought he‘d shunUntil I saw my buddy‘s eyes, when she came forth and bore his sonSince then he‘s known no other woman, I think his ramblin‘ days are throughThey built a home up in the country, a life I‘d love to build with youAlthough you‘ve never known my buddy and I am sure he don‘t know youBut you know the life he‘s living and all of the changes he‘s been throughSweetheart, I‘m talking about my buddy ‘cause I don‘t want to wind up blueI could be happy with you only ‘cause I see all of them in you

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