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The Truth

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If you‘re fake, you‘re fake
If you‘re whack, you‘re whack
If you‘re hot, you‘re hot

Most you rap cats don‘t appeal to me
Lot of y‘all think say you keep it real, but y‘all ain‘t real to me
Mack 10, Ice Cube, WC
Y‘all niggas make me laugh, double long on WB
Coolio, you so whack you disgust me
Most rappers on the west coast don‘t even like you-trust me
And E-40 I gotta talk about you
You‘re styles are so annoying, I just wanna smack the shit out you
And Snoop, I don‘t know where to begin
It should be a sin to be a millionare and be so thin
But on the real, when you first got a deal, you was the man
I swear to God Snoop, I used to be your fan
What happened?
Now everything you make SUCKS
Now you‘re just all these other commercial dumbfucks
MC Ren, I respect you kid
But your style kind of died...when Eazy-E did

If you‘re fake, you‘re fake
Real niggas know
If you‘re whack, you‘re whack
Real niggas know
If you‘re hot, you‘re hot
Real niggas know the truth, real niggas know the truth
[Repeat all]

Foxy Brown, who the hell gave you that name?
I saw you in Harlem, you looked like a dude-fuck game
It‘s a shame trying to gain fame as a hoe
You‘re the same as the other hoe
But came in the game for the dough
And NORE, I never liked you and Capone
But I can‘t front on your album, you sound better alone
And I don‘t really mean to diss you cuz you really seem cool
But most of your rhymes sound like you never finished school
DMX, no doubt you got raps own
But the way you stress you‘re the best, your head‘s a little to blown
You kill me with all that dog barking gimmick crap
But KRS-ONE already put a song about gimmicks on the map
Canibus, you red hot 97
On a scale of 1 to 10, we all said 11
DMX got a 9, NORE a 6
I‘m glad you left Wyclef alone, cuz you cats didn‘t mix
Mase, you came in with DMX and the Lox
But now, you sound more R&B then Deborah Cox
You represent Harlem, but Harlem don‘t respect you
And if those rumors are true, you better get someone to protect you


Will Smith, now you know damn well
The only air you belong on is the one in Bel
Even though I don‘t like you, I don‘t hate you
I hate when award shows let you win, none the less nominate you
Onyx, I love y‘all, but I gotta pull your car
You gotta be soft, cause you act too hard
Big Daddy Kane, I get raw off the ?? but you sold
When you came out with that black, beautiful and the bold
You hurtin, and most of your fans
I‘m glad you‘re back out keeping it real, please keep it in your pants
Charli Baltimore, you need more then just luck
Cause you suck, and I really mean you suck
Cam‘ron, your first joint was off the hook
And I liked a lot of songs off your album, but look
Horse and Carriage fucked me up, that shit was whack
And the remix had nothing to do with that track
But I don‘t blame you, believe me, I know the game
Record labels hardly give creative control and it‘s a shame
Look at McGruff his album was aiight
But the cats he signed with can‘t even push his shit right

[Chorus x2]

If you‘re fake your fake,
If you‘re whack you‘re whack,
If you‘re hot you‘re hot

If you‘re fake you‘re fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake [fade until end]

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