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Spoken:) Lord have mercy, got to tell it, tell it just like it is, ev‘ry word.Yeah! I was living in St. LouisIn the year of nineteen fifty fiveMama didn‘t have no great mansion,Just a little old country dive.Papa worked all week long,Try‘n‘ to keep us six kids alive.So I hitch hiked to ChicagoJust to hear Muddy Waters playI sat and listened to him singUntil the early hours of dayI asked him what I could do to make itAnd it was he who showed me the wayI went back home and wrote a songAnd made a record I could claimThe little tune jumped on the chartsAnd rode me right on up to fameIt netted over ten thousand dollarsAnd added glory to my nameI was standing at the airportWith my guitar in my handAnd a first class ticketDestination movie landI will be in Hollywood, MamaBefore the roosters crow againWhen I first started playing musicOver sixteen years agoEvery big town in the countryFrom St. Francisco to BaltimoreTrying to bring some happy hoursDoing the only thing I knowCan‘t help it, but I love itStand here, sing to youBrings back so many memoriesMany things we used to do‘Till I see you here againTake care, good luck to you

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