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Tell You About My Buddy

Testo Tell You About My Buddy

I‘m goin‘ tell you about my buddyBut I‘m not goin‘ reveal his name‘Cause it‘s his life to live and he‘s livin‘ itClaim it to fame or a game of shameTo each his own let nim live itBut there are those who may not agreeBut I goin‘ tell you about my buddyEv‘ry thing like he told it to meA woman‘s the most peculiar creatureAnd so few has missed his handAnd out of all the ones that he‘s been withYou know, not one wouldn‘t take him againBefore you really know a sensuous womanYou have to be with her when she‘s aloneShe could say no and then want you to leave herAnd call you right back home after you‘re goneYou never can tell until after you‘ve tried herAnd then you might still be way off the trackBecause it‘s the red and the white and the yellowHas exactly what‘s packed in the blackOne was a co-ed from PennsylvaniaOne from Toronto who dug him the mostOne was a rich widow in HoustonAnd one was a freak from the western coastOne was a teacher out of ChicagoAnd one had plans to become a nunAnd one was the last one I thought he‘d cling toBut she was tahe one who gave him a sonSo people, I‘ll tell you ‘bout my buddyAnd like I say, I just can‘t reveal his nameIt‘s his life and he‘s gonna live itClaim it to fame or game or shameClaim it fame or game or shameJust a game or fame or shameFame or game or shameFame or game or shameFame or game or shameClaim it fame or game or shame

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